Lolly Ramlaul

Pound (GBP) Halts Recent Run of Losses on UK GDP

The Pound (GBP) stopped its recent run of losses during yesterday’s European session after UK second quarter GDP growth was upwardly revised to 5.5% from 4.8%, showing a better-than-expected rebound in the UK economy as it reopened. Will this continue? TORFX

UK Inflation

The UK inflation rate has just hit an annual rate of 3.2%. That’s up from 2% in July. It’s the biggest monthly increase since they began measuring inflation in this way (ie, using the Consumer Prices Index – CPI) in 1997.

The main cause of the rise, says the Office for National Statistics (ONS), is higher food costs.

The Bank of England’s target is 2%, so we are above that – again. Will it put up rates? Don’t be stupid: the situation is “temporary”, says the ONS.

UK economy forecast

27/07- Meanwhile, the leading economic forecaster EY Item Club has said that the UK economy is growing at its fastest pace in 80 years, adding to the economic optimism that has strengthened the Pound in recent days.

28/07- This report is to help give everyone – industry, and consumers – a quick five-minute guide to what’s happening in the property market, according to the property indices, along with my comments.

My report includes, how property price growth differs by country/region; which cities and towns are performing well or struggling; how to use the town/city data when buying or selling or assessing your own property market as a professional; why property indices reporting could reduce demand from first-time buyers and what the current hottest and coldest postcodes are.